10 upbeat first dance wedding song ideas

This article will give you 10 upbeat first dance wedding songs that you may not have yet considered!

Wedding planning can often be overwhelming due to the number of decisions you have to make before the big day. Picking a first dance is one of the many big decisions, and it is essential to get it right. You want the song to reflect you as a couple, be different from the standard tunes such as “Thinking out loud” and “All of me”, and be romantic. As close to 2 weeks before their wedding, some of our customers still haven’t chosen a first dance. They come to us for ideas in the hope we can suggest something different. I always advise picking something upbeat and having fun with the song.

Having your wedding band perform the first dance is a popular and meaningful way to kick off your reception. It adds a personal touch to your special day and can make your first dance as a married couple even more special. Having the band play the first dance can create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere, as the live music enhances the emotions of the moment. It also allows for a more unique and customized experience, as the band can tailor their performance to fit the specific mood and style of the couple’s first dance. By choosing to have your wedding band perform the first dance, you can make your wedding reception more memorable and add an extra special touch to your big day.

Ten upbeat first dance songs

What are the best first dance songs you have performed live?

The best first dances I have performed have been upbeat songs people can dance along to. When choosing a first dance, couples always look at slow romantic songs. Whilst that’s a lovely idea, don’t be afraid to consider having more upbeat music to set the party’s tone. Traditions are slowly fading, and couples are approaching everything with an open mind. Starting the evening with a lively first dance song will set a tone for the evening and lead to a better party.

Jonny Ross Band

Image courtesy of Hamish Irvine

What first dance wedding songs can you recommend?

With that in mind, we have put together a list of 10 upbeat first dance songs that are lively, fun, and all your guests will love! One of them is The Sugarhill Gang- “Apache (Jump On It)”, which we picked for the first dance song at our wedding. We chose it, as it’s a bit of fun and music everyone knows the dance too! (If you don’t know the dance then click here)

Another song I have chosen is Jess Glynne- “Right Here”. One of our very talented DJs, Kyle had this as his first dance; they started with the acoustic version, then he remixed it into the dance version and invited everyone to the dancefloor. It was amazing! I love this idea for new couples! You can have a little dance together for the acoustic section while the photographer gets the snaps in, then get the guests on the dance floor when it kicks in to the original dance version. This idea also works very well with a Saxophone!

All our bands will be happy to perform any of the songs listed. So why not pick an upbeat first dance wedding song and ask your band to cover it live!

10 upbeat first dance wedding song ideas

A great shot from our first dance! All our family got involved and everyone stayed on the dance-floor from that point onwards.

Image courtesy of Marie Lloyd Photography