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The top 10 most popular wedding bands

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The top 10 most popular wedding bands

Choosing your wedding music can be tricky, especially if you’re hiring a wedding band. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular wedding bands available to hire with Jonny Ross Music.

Guaranteed to get your guests in the party mood, these acts are based in Leeds, ideal for a Yorkshire wedding. They can also travel to weddings around the UK and abroad.

Top ten most popular wedding bands

1. Big Shout Band

Pop and rock with a talented horn section

Graduates from Leeds Conservatoire, Big Shout Band deliver infectious energy and enthusiasm through their top-tier horn section, guitar and bass prowess, and tight drums and keys. 

Big Shout Band have been housemates as well as bandmates, and their bond shines through their slick onstage performances. Performing as a 5-piece or 7-piece band, these lads have an impressive repertoire. Enjoy tracks spanning Prince and George Michael to Jessie J and Daft Punk. 

2. The Northern House Band

Motown and soul classics

Looking for one of the best UK-based Motown function bands? The Northern House Band won’t disappoint!

With powerful male and female vocalists, this 5-piece wedding band are known for getting guests onto the dancefloor with classic Motown hits from Marvin Gaye to The Contours, as well as modern pop and rock anthems.

Northern House Band

3. The Wilde Ones

Indie wedding band for old and new rock and pop

Graduates from The Leeds College of Music, The Wilde Ones have managed to tour the world with a plethora of acclaimed artists alongside forming their own events band. This supremely talented group always bring their A-game with powerful lead vocals, sax, and a faultless rhythm section.

Their repertoire includes hits from The Beatles, The Killers, Oasis, Pulp, George Ezra, and more.

4. The Jazz Standard

Award-winning jazz musicians, perfect for a retro vibe

Do you have a passion for jazz, swing, and pop? The Jazz Standard will dazzle your wedding guests with a vibrant array of timeless jazz and pop tracks delivered in their signature vintage style.

5. Marc and Abi

Lively pop and rock vocalists with an acoustic option

These energetic vocalists have played all over the world at weddings and other events. Marc and Abi are known for bringing buckets of charm to their performances and delivering passionate renditions of songs from their vast repertoire — whether it’s “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira or “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse.

They’re available to book as a 4-8 piece band. Alternatively, if you’re looking for acoustic wedding entertainment, Marc and Abi can showcase a beautiful array of chilled hits as a duo, too.

6. The Jonny Ross Band

Sought-after rock and pop wedding band

With years of experience in events, The Jonny Ross Band have a well-earned five-star reputation in the UK and international wedding scene. One thing’s for certain — these musicians know how to put on a big show with chart hits, rock anthems, and party classics.

From Frank Sinatra and Neil Diamond to Avicii and MGMT, they’ll provide something for everyone.

7. Dae La Roux

Floor-filling rock, pop, and indie bangers

Dae La Roux are a 5-piece function band with a stellar reputation for bringing their all to every wedding performance. These talented musicians boast a vast repertoire of rock and pop songs from classic acts such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry to contemporary bands like Stereophonics and Kings of Leon.

Dae La Roux

8. The Pop Punk Allstars

Pop-punk classics

If you’re hoping to dance to your favourite pop-punk anthems on your wedding night, look no further than The Pop Punk Allstars. This 5-piece band will provide nostalgic pop-punk hits from the 90s and early 00s. Get ready to rock out with your nearest and dearest.

From Fall Out Boy and Avril Lavigne to Blink 182 and Paramore, their repertoire will delight any pop-punk fan.

9. The Rolling Keys

Energetic rock and pop to please the crowd

With world-class musicians from a broad range of impressive backgrounds, The Rolling Keys are an experienced 5-piece wedding band with a set list that includes hits from Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Queen, and more.

The Rolling Keys never fail to light up the room, fill the dance floor, and charm every wedding guest.

10. Something For The Weekend

Upbeat 90s dance tracks

Something For The Weekend is a professional, charismatic collective with oodles of experience performing at weddings and parties. The four musicians are known for their energetic renditions of 90s dancefloor hits from the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire, Justin Timberlake, and Basement Jaxx.

Find your perfect wedding entertainment with Jonny Ross Music

Good luck choosing your wedding band! If you’d like more information about hiring a wedding band, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Jonny Ross Music.Take a look at all our bands for hire or learn more about hiring an acoustic act, professional DJ, or Sax & DJ service for your wedding.

How much is a wedding band?

How much is a wedding band?

By Blog

How much is a wedding band?

Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting – but it also involves keeping track of your budget. From flowers and dresses to party favours, and the all-important drinks, wedding expenses can soon add up.

So when it comes to finding your perfect wedding entertainment, how much money should you put aside? 

Whether you’re recently engaged or have your date and venue booked, here’s all you need to know about wedding band costs.

How much is a wedding band?

Should I hire a live band for my wedding?

Not everyone decides to have live music for their wedding. It all depends on your preferences – you may wish to have a low-key event with a playlist of your favourite songs. However, on-stage wedding entertainment can make for a truly memorable celebration.

Another option is to hire a wedding DJ. Both wedding bands and DJs can interact with your guests in a unique way that builds a fantastic atmosphere. 

And for the ultimate party, a wedding band and DJ combination is guaranteed to get everyone dancing. With Jonny Ross Music, you can add a DJ to your wedding band package for £250.

How much does a wedding band cost?

As with any service, wedding band hire varies in price depending on the location and the band’s experience.

As a ball-park figure, you can usually expect to pay between £750 and £5000 for a wedding band. Ultimately, the more you spend, the more experienced an act you get.

Other factors that can affect the cost of a live wedding band include:

The number of performers

Essentially, the more band members there are, the higher the cost. 

The cost per performer fluctuates in line with the cost of living. At the time of writing, you can expect to pay around £300 per band member.

Approximate costs

Solo performer £520

Duo- £750 plus

4-5 Piece Band- £1300 -£1800

A larger collective with strings, a brass section or multiple singers can cost upwards of £1800.

If you’re having a chilled, intimate wedding, you might want to go for a solo performer or acoustic duo. They’ll create a fantastic atmosphere that won’t be too loud or overwhelming for small groups of people.

On the other hand, larger events can benefit from full bands to fill the space and get everybody up on the dance floor.

Your wedding date

Is your wedding booked for a peak time? Due to increased demand, some bands may charge a higher rate for weekend or summer weddings.

Sound and lighting equipment

Wedding bands will bring along all the instruments, PA systems, and lighting equipment they need to perform to their best. The cost of insurance on this equipment may affect the price the band charges — included in their package quote.

Performance duration

How long would you like your band to perform for? Often, wedding bands perform two 45-minute sets. However, you may be able to discuss the option of three shorter sets or two 1-hour sets. Don’t want to cut the fun short? Sometimes paying a little extra is worth it so your guests can dance to their hearts’ content!

Many of our acts provide evening-only and longer full-day packages so you can get the most suitable performance time for your event.

Bespoke songs

Most wedding bands have a broad repertoire of songs that you can select from. Many will also learn your first dance song for you at no extra cost.

However, if you have other specific songs in mind that aren’t on the band’s set list, they may charge extra to cover the costs associated with learning them from scratch. 


You might be looking specifically for wedding bands local to you. But if you have your heart set on a particular act based further afield, they may charge for extra travel costs. 

At Jonny Ross Music, our wedding, function, and party bands are mostly based in Leeds. We love performing at celebrations all over the country — and even internationally. However, if your wedding is outside of West Yorkshire, we ask for 60p per mile to cover costs. 

Hire a wedding band with Jonny Ross Music

Whether you’re planning a small celebration with a handful of loved ones or a big bash with lots of guests, hiring a live wedding band will create a fantastic event you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

While prices vary depending on your wedding location, the number of band performers, and several other factors, it can be beneficial to book your wedding entertainment through a reputable agency that can assist if there are any issues.

Our talented acts will provide the atmosphere you’re looking for and we offer clear pricing packages to make planning your wedding as stress-free as possible. Browse our wedding bands, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our performers, travel, or pricing.

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10 upbeat first dance wedding song ideas

10 upbeat first dance wedding songs

By Blog

10 upbeat first dance wedding songs

This article will give you 10 upbeat first dance wedding songs that you may not have yet considered!

Wedding planning can often be overwhelming due to the number of decisions you have to make before the big day. Picking a first dance is one of the many big decisions, and it is essential to get it right. You want the song to reflect you as a couple, be different from the standard tunes such as “Thinking out loud” and “All of me”, and be romantic. As close to 2 weeks before their wedding, some of our customers still haven’t chosen a first dance. They come to us for ideas in the hope we can suggest something different. I always advise picking something upbeat and having fun with the song.


What are the best first dance songs you have performed live?

The best first dances I have performed have been upbeat songs people can dance along to. When choosing a first dance, couples always look at slow romantic songs. Whilst that’s a lovely idea, don’t be afraid to consider having more upbeat music to set the party’s tone. Traditions are slowly fading, and couples are approaching everything with an open mind. Starting the evening with a lively first dance song will set a tone for the evening and lead to a better party.

Jonny Ross Band

Image courtesy of Hamish Irvine

What first dance wedding songs can you recommend?

With that in mind, we have put together a list of 10 upbeat first dance songs that are lively, fun, and all your guests will love! One of them is The Sugarhill Gang- “Apache (Jump On It)”, which we picked for the first dance song at our wedding. We chose it, as it’s a bit of fun and music everyone knows the dance too! (If you don’t know the dance then click here)

Another song I have chosen is Jess Glynne- “Right Here”. One of our very talented DJs, Kyle had this as his first dance; they started with the acoustic version, then he remixed it into the dance version and invited everyone to the dancefloor. It was amazing! I love this idea for new couples! You can have a little dance together for the acoustic section while the photographer gets the snaps in, then get the guests on the dance floor when it kicks in to the original dance version. This idea also works very well with a Saxophone!

All our bands will be happy to perform any of the songs listed. So why not pick an upbeat first dance wedding song and ask your band to cover it live!

10 upbeat first dance wedding song ideas

A great shot from our first dance! All our family got involved and everyone stayed on the dance-floor from that point onwards.

Image courtesy of Marie Lloyd Photography