Elite Strings is one of Yorkshire’s leading ensembles in performance and session work. Based in Leeds, the quartet is highly experienced in a variety musical settings, including private functions (Weddings, parties and celebrations), studio recordings and stage performances.

All music college graduates, each member is truly dedicated to music, and have made appearances in high profile events such as The Golden Decade, worked with artists such as Alistair Griffin and performed at various prestigious venues including Leeds Town Hall, the BBC Venue and Leeds Cathedral.
Recently, the quartet recorded with Alistair Griffin on his anthem for the 2014 Tour de France ‘The Road’ featuring Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud and continue to work with him for high profile features and VIP performances.

The string quartet’s portfolio of performance is rapidly expanding, and other artists the quartet has worked with include The Pigeon Detectives, Bianca Gerald, and Man Can’t Fly.
Individually, the quartet’s members have also worked with several other celebrities, including Waterloo Road Twins ‘The Katanas’ and Annie Lennox.


They were great!!

R. Flynn, Leeds