Coronavirus Covid-19 Policies and Guidelines

A message to our clients, venues and artists

In November 2011, I left my job and started my business as a full time musician. Since then we have built a community of musicians that have performed at thousands of events across four continents. Our core values have always been based around good relationships, customer care and integrity. The artists who we represent and the venues we work with have become a huge part of our lives and we are proud of the lasting relationships that we have built.

Never in the 9 years of business have we been faced with a dilemma such as the Covid-19 crisis. Our customers who have been planning their wedding or event for the past 18 months are faced with the prospect of their special day being postponed. Our musicians are also faced with the reality of their incomes and calendar of events vanishing. This is not a dilemma exclusive to ourselves, which is why it is important to support one another during this time.

Our policy is simple, health and happiness become the ultimate priority. Which is why, from today, we will be putting the following policies in place:

  • If your event is going to be at risk as a result of the crisis, we will be happy to transfer your event to an agreeable date in the future.


  • Should you proceed with an event, we will support it but with the necessary sanitary and distancing measures to protect all parties.
  • We will be putting a meticulous system in place that ensures a stream of replacement artists, should an act be forced to self-isolate


  • We will be working from home and not meeting venues, until we are advised otherwise. We will also be extending phone lines to a 7pm finish so that we can be available to answer your questions and concerns.
Naturally, your wedding will proceed in the future and we will be there to provide entertainment.

Whilst this is a testing time for the industry we are most certainly not the victims. Between the hours of 2pm and 4pm our lines and staff will be there to speak with the elderly and vulnerable, to keep them company and boost their spirits. We might even sing you a song! I invite any care workers or nursing home to share this. We send all our love during this difficult time.

Covid-19 Sanitary Guidelines

We have put the following policies in place to protect our artists during the Coronavirus crisis. These will hopefully help mitigate the chance of infection. All acts have been advised to follow the sanitary guidance as shown in the below link:

Use of Microphones
Microphones can only be used by the artist. Should a member of the wedding party wish to make an announcement, please ask them to bring a microphone or kindly ask the act to make it on their behalf.

We will be enforcing a no request policy to avoid the artist interacting with a number of guests at close proximity. If you could make the party aware of this it would be greatly appreciated. The act may also erect a sign instructing such measures.

We have told our artists to simply go to the booking and do the job they are there to do. They will avoid speaking to all guests and staff at all costs and focus simply on their performance. The less they speak to the general public, the less likely they are to be infected.

Replacement artist in the event of illness
Should the artist come down with symptoms linked to COVID-19 and have to self isolate, we have put in measures in place to quickly send a replacement act, should that be necessary. It is always our intention to send the act booked however, due to the unprecedented nature of events, we have to cover all bases.

We are sorry if the above seem slightly unsociable but it is important that we protect both the artists and customers from infection. We ask for your understanding during these uncertain times.