Best Live Music for Corporate Events

The modern-day business people know how to party! For real! The days when corporate events were dull and boring events are long gone. Now, the youngsters have taken over the business and they know how to combine work and play. Our list of live performers has professionals who have attained perfection in the art of filling energy in the corporate events. So, when it is time to throw off your black suit, ties, and blazers, just hire live performers for corporate events from Jonny Ross Music and get down on the dance floor.

Live Music for Corporate Events

At Jonny Ross Music, we have established connections with some of the best live performance artists in the industry. If you are looking to fill your corporate events with live music, you are at the right place. Our long list of contacts in the music industry includes:

Live Performance Bands

Jonny Ross Music is the home to several world-famous live performance bands like the Rolling Keys Band, The Wilde Ones, Groove Train, Let it Funk Band, etc. A memorable performance by one of these live performance bands will truly let you enjoy your evening after hosting a long day of boring corporate meetings and going over thousands of contract papers. An energetic performance from these live performance bands will definitely help you relax for a bit before getting ready for your next corporate adventure.


The young entrepreneurs and business people really know how to let it loose. With the professional DJ services offered by Jonny Ross Music, you can fill the night with lights, music, and some true enthusiasm. These DJs know the sweet spot of your heartbeat controlling it and making it jump higher and higher with each passing second. From soothing calm music to dropping the beat every once in a while, these professional DJs really know their way around the high-tech setup.


A pure instrumental performance after a long day of meetings in a corporate event will definitely help you bond with your new-found business partner. At Jonny Ross Music, we have established contacts with some of the world-renowned instrumentalists like Michael Acoustic and James Pianist to bring you the true essence of beautiful music.

Vocal Artists

Get ready for your heart to get stolen by duo vocal performances from Marc and Abi Acoustic Duo as well as Rolling Keys Duo brought to you by Jonny Ross Music. These vocal artists will bring the mirth from the heaven right down your ears. Whether it is a corporate event, a wedding function or a small get-together, these vocal artists will help you seal the deal with some beautiful memories that are bound to last a lifetime.

Contact us at Jonny Ross Music for more information on the long list of entertainers for corporate events, parties as well as weddings.