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The wedding trend of the year: sax and DJ combos

As any betrothed couple knows, weddings take a lot of planning. And one concern for many is how to choose wedding entertainment. You might have looked at traditional wedding bands or considered hiring a DJ.

But if you fancy giving your big day an extra special edge, why not go for a saxophone and DJ set?

Why hire a saxophone player and DJ for your event?

The combination of a saxophone and DJ set results in a dynamic show filled with energetic melodies. The bringing together of a DJ and live instruments is a surefire way to get guests on the dancefloor.

Sax and djA mix of genres

The saxophone’s unique sound compliments a whole array of genres – from Motown and funk to Ska and classical. If you have an eclectic music taste, a DJ can seamlessly blend your favourite tracks. Meanwhile, a live sax provides an extra touch of vibrancy.

Book a saxophonist for your event

Book a saxophonist for your event

A bespoke set

Sax and DJ sets are ideal for playing covers of upbeat pop and rock but they can also create a chilled ambience, ideal for a sophisticated afternoon soundtrack. You can choose the vibe you want.

When you book with Jonny Ross Music, you can tailor the performance to suit the atmosphere you’re after. You can even add percussion players!

Hours of entertainment

Whether you’re organising a small wedding or something grand, a saxophone and DJ set will create a fantastic atmosphere all evening, so you don’t need to worry about entertainment.

Wedding DJs usually play for the whole evening, with a saxophone player accompanying them for three 30-minute slots.

It’s fun, interactive, and a little bit different

With a saxophone and DJ combo, you get the benefit of a recorded music set, complete with lights and visuals, plus the joy of live music. Often, saxophonists will ad-lib, hopping in to create one-of-a-kind accompaniments for the DJ’s tracks.

2L6A3939 scaledSax and DJ packages from Jonny Ross Music

Flexible, original, and memorable, a sax and DJ package is a great addition to any wedding or celebration. Get in touch to discuss your wedding entertainment.